Digital identities

For the last 15 years almerys has been safeguarding the identity of the recipients of the information flows it manages, as well as the confidentiality of the data contained in those flows.

Identity management is key to digital trust and almerys’ service offers.

Based on a single, highly secure infrastructure using cryptographic software processes and standardised procedures, identity management is covered by the highest possible level of security.

Customers, partners and users of almerys’ solutions can sign documents, store confidential information and give their consent to authorise identified third parties to access their personal/business information.

The risk of hacking is real, do not entrust the management of your digital identities to just anyone...

As a security specialist, almerys offers its customers the full range of security levels so that they can protect their assets or those of their own customers: user name/password systems, temporary passwords sent by mobile phone, chip card or cryptographic USB keys…

In any event, the identities of those using the systems, as well as their data, are protected.

almerys’ certifying authority, which is audited on a regular basis, manages identity issues and the related cryptographic keys, and meets French and European standards.