Electronic signature

The electronic signature service is designed to cater for contractual and/or synallagmatic transactions via a secure digital space that guarantees the probative value of the undertakings made by the parties.

This services offers all the guarantees required for formalising legally enforceable undertakings. This service is available online 24/7 via any type of terminal, including mobile phones or tablets.

For more information about this service, send an email to commercial@almerys.com

The signature service is easy to implement and can be integrated into any existing process using a simple and efficient API.

Based on almerys’ identity management solution, the service can even issue qualified electronic signatures.

The service is recognised by the Adobe certification programme and the signatures issued can be viewed directly by opening the signed pdf file.

This a genuinely trusted service for customers, as the authenticity of a document can be proved immediately.

The document, which cannot be altered, is admissible in legal proceedings.