Our customers are first and foremost our partners. We work with them to develop solutions that respond to their changing ecosystems.

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almerys, working together with its network of partners, allocates a significant share of its resources to research and development in order to remain at the cutting edge of innovation. This investment enables it to anticipate and propose solutions that meet its customers’ needs, thus enabling them to adjust to the continuous changes with which they are confronted.

Service offer

With a view to further developing its range of services within its ebee™ brand, which provides secure management of digital assets, almerys has concluded partnership agreements with a large number of service providers: energy suppliers, telecommunications operators, banks, insurance companies, large companies, etc.

almerys is also developing its activities on international markets through strategic partnerships, particularly in West Africa (Senegal, etc.) and the Middle East (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, etc.).

Network deployment

The creation, upkeep and development of networks are at the heart of almerys’ strategy. In fact, almerys boasts the biggest network of health professionals on the market.

almerys has also signed partnerships with health software publishers, which enable it to develop real-time services that can provide new work options within the health sector ecosystem.

almerys is pursuing its attempts to create and develop networks outside the health sector. For example, it manages a network of businesses that provide services for specific target groups (young people, etc.) as part of the project run by the Regional Authorities ( ‘Young Person’s New World Card’ project – find out more )


almerys has set up a large number of collaborative research projects with a very broad range of partners: universities (financing and management of research Chairs, research programmes, etc.), doctors, professors and health establishments (monitoring of chronic illnesses, etc.), communities of experts (exercise and sports coaching, etc.) and industrial players, etc.

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