Regulated professions

You are a member of a highly regulated profession. Enhance your paperless projects and activities by using services that safeguard the integrity of the data you process, as well as their integrity and integration within your business processes.

almerys provides regulated professions with solutions that are tailored as closely as possible to their needs.

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The Conseil National des Administrateurs Judiciaires et des Mandataires Judiciaires, for which almerys has designed a debt declaration platform, which is accessible solely via a physical authentication system that guarantees the digital identity of the users.

The Conseil National des Barreaux: creation of a platform for managing Legal Documents drawn up by lawyers in order to provide a completely secure and sustainable solution designed by lawyers for lawyers. More informations / Le monde du droit - Dalloz - Village justice - net-iris - Le particulier - Archimag - ITespresso

These services, which are marketed under its ebee™ brand, are intended for legal or natural persons and ensure highly secure processing of data and exchanges.

ebee provides everything you need for this electronic processing: identity and access rights, secure exchanges and information sharing, time stamping, legalisation, fingerprint, signature, proof file that is admissible in a court of law, validation circuit, collaborative work, contractual commitment, records retention, etc.

Ebee digital trust services are delivered using an industrial-scale trust infrastructure developed by almerys.

These digital trust services provide tangible benefits: autonomy, reduced processing costs, guarantee of security, enhanced traceability, optimised control and management of information over time, upgrades tailored to the ecosystem, etc.