Secure sharing of digital information

almerys develops solutions that enable sensitive digital documents to be shared securely (Boards of Directors, research groups, regulated professions, etc.)

One example is the creation of a paperless platform by the Conseil National des Administrateurs Judiciaires & des Mandataires Judiciaires (National Council of Judicial Administrators and Representatives), which was made necessary following the enactment of law n°2011-331 of 28 March 2011.

In addition to setting up paperless platforms, almerys provides secure management of the documents, data and identities of the persons related to this information.

Acting as a genuine digital safe, the holder of the information can make an informed decision to designate the people with which he wishes to share his information. The consent of the owner of the information is required prior to any handling or processing of the information.

Within its range of digital trust services and its ebee brand, almerys offers the ebeeShare solution, which allows for the secure exchange of confidential documents with staff, customers, service providers, partners, prescribers, administrators, etc., both within and outside the organisation.

All documents are exchanged under conditions that ensure their integrity and traceability.

ebeeShare guarantees the probative value of the electronically signed documents, meaning that they are admissible before a court in the event of litigation.