Trusted third parties

Having being involved in the management of sensitive data for 15 years, almerys, with its tried-and-tested organisational set-up and infrastructure, has been working with its partners to build a secure and practical digital world.


‘almerys was borne out of an analysis of major economic trends. Opting to process health data provided access to a relevant raw material since this sector is characterised by the need for trust, the importance of managing people’s identities and the sensitive nature of the data, which are handled within a restrictive legal framework.’ Laurent Caredda, CEO and founder of almerys.


Data protection is our core concern.

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Having been set up in 2000, the company initially built its reputation as a manager of third party payment systems and health data.

almerys, which is a trusted third party, specialises in the processing of information flows and sensitive data, as well as managing the related risks.

Since its creation, almerys has developed an innovation strategy that enables it to offer a wide range of services to organisations and individuals.


almerys is the leading company on France’s health market, which is reputed for its complexity. Every day, almerys acts as an interface between data and public and private organisations,


Thanks to its technical infrastructure, almerys is capable of meeting its customers’ requests in real time, whatever the volume of data to be processed, and guarantees legal security.


almerys works with its customers in order to tailor its solutions as closely as possible to their needs.

Ease of access, user friendly and rapid solutions, availability of its teams and price are at the heart of almerys’ concerns, so that it can deliver services that will meet with its customers’ satisfaction.


almerys develops multi-media services that can cater for any type of environment. Innovation is a permanent goal in that it helps to facilitate and speed up the development of new services for its customers. This innovation is bolstered through partnerships with universities and research institutes.