Who are we?

almerys is developing the uses of third party health payment systems and the related value added services in the following areas : healthcare delivery management, online contracts and the management of digital transactions with probative value.

The experience it has acquired in the health sector has enabled almerys to develop core skills and expertise in the analysis of complex business processes (multi-stakeholder, multi-sector, real time, management of commitments with probative value, processing of sensitive data), which can be transposed to other sectors of activity (banking, insurance, regulated professions, public and private sectors, etc.)

almerys develops and provides companies and individuals with business services relating to the industrial processing of digital data and their secure management.

Our businesses

Designing and developing IT solutions tailored to customers’ needs, as well as assisting customers’ teams throughout the process of development of its solutions.

Business Process Outsourcing for the customer.

Creating, steering and managing partner networks (service providers, health professionals, software and business solution publishers, etc.).

Providing remote software solutions (SaaS).

Hosting our solutions within our data centers.

Integrating our customers’ and partners’ solutions into our processes and data centers.

Expertise in managing and processing sensitive data, including personal health data (HDS).